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Finally based back in Melbourne again, after a world wide trip across five continents, documenting life and designing for love. More Studio.

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  • jamesb 19th June 2017 @ 2.30 PM

    Welcome back Damien! Really enjoying you posting again :)

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  • aistrope 20th June 2017 @ 1.32 PM

    Ah thanks man. I missed it a ton. I'm still in Seattle for a few more weeks but I'll be back on home turf early July. Still trying to find the right balance of is it too early for Australia Vs am I too exhausted to post any later.

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  • M 20th June 2017 @ 8.19 PM

    Thanks for the post, Damien.

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  • aistrope 21st June 2017 @ 5.06 AM

    You're welcome!

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